Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Banking system in Pakistan

Pakiostani government always invitd investers to be a part in rebuilding the country, in this regard a lot of investers from worldwide came up here and invested in a lo0t of fields especially telecommmunication and banking fileds are at the top most level.

Banking is now getting a lot of popularity among pakistani people because more and more competition among various banks brought awareness and changed the mind level of pakistani people.

Today more then 17 banks are working in the private, like Asakari Bank, Muslim cemmercial bank, Women Bank, Khyber Bank, Bank Al-falah, Faisal Bank, United Bank, Meezan Bank, Allied Bank, Bank Al-Habib, Arif-Habib Bank and Standardf Chartered Bank.

Most of the banks are from private bank, and thats why they are working under great competition environment.

All the banks are providing different profit rates.